How chocolate refines your body

How chocolate refines your body

“Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain.” 
 Dave Barry

Oh the instant joy you get when you see a chocolate bar is sublime. The solution to all your mood based dilemmas is one thing, CHOCOLATE! It is probably the most ingenious discovery of all time. Till now you might just be consuming chocolate for its taste but it would be a shame if no one mentions the numerous things it benefits your body with. The Latin word for chocolate literally means ‘food of the gods’. Absolutely nothing surprising in it.

Dark chocolate is an anti-aging agent

Stay away from normal sugary gooey chocolate bars. You might want to look for a chocolate with a higher ratio of raw cocoa in it. The more raw cocoa in it the darker it will be. Chocolate contains antioxidants called Flavonols which helps your skin shield itself from the UV rays, protecting you from skin cancer and sunburns. (Well, hello there natural sunblock!)

Dark chocolate also promotes more nitric acid in your body which helps your blood vessels to dilate and keeps your blood flowing, making your skin look more fresh and radiant.

It’s also an anti-stress agent

Chocolate is a very good anti-depressant. It literally contains a chemical called serotonin which is an anti-depressant promoter. . You can learn to handle chocolate its best with a professional culinary cooking course here.

It’s funny how we get into usual everyday situations only to find out that the solution lies in a nice gaudy chocolate bar. You can learn to handle chocolate its best with a professional culinary course here.

Your wife is pregnant and there’s not much movement inside? Give her a chocolate. Feeling a little low and under the weather?  Eat chocolate. Ready and up for your next athletic activity? Treat yourself with chocolate.

A very promising apprentice for your brain

Want to be double as smart as you are? I wonder what could be an answer to this. Of course chocolate. If you are great working with dark chocolate, you can enhance your skills by taking a personal trainer course. Because dark chocolate helps in escalating blood flow to the brain, you feel hyper active and more focused. Many chocolates like Hershey’s contain caffeine which makes your brain more functional and attentive. There are many brain related illnesses like strokes and dementia, chocolate eliminates the risk of all those diseases. Another reason why you should buy grandma chocolate more often.

Quick home remedies with chocolate

  • Chocolate mixed with cocoa butter can be a very soothing lip balm. It will keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. Say goodbye to chapped lips.
  • Chocolate and coffee mask can reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce the risk of getting more.
  • Dark chocolate mixed with honey can be taken as cough drops after a bad coughing fit.
  • Chocolate mixed with milk aka hot chocolate can sooth menstrual cramps.

This blog post has been posted by Martin Edwards. Martin is a professional personal fitness trainer instructor and runs his own gym in West London area. For further advice and any questions you can contact Martin directly via his website.