Herbs secretly help you in losing weight

Herbs secretly help you in losing weight

There are times when you have already so much going on in your life that you hardly pay attention to going out of the way and doing something about your fitness routine and those extra pounds. The good news is you’re doing SOMETHING even though you are not making an effort for it. Many ingredients that you use in almost every other recipe are secretly helping you shed those extra pounds.

Keep in mind that the intake of herbs to lose weight could be a slow process if you are doing it without taking any other measure to lose weight, but it can be an effective one.

The food wouldn’t taste like food if there were no herbs and spices in it.  So say a grace for herbs and spices at your dinner table tonight. Here are some herbs and spices you’ve been having that were helping you in your battle with weight loss all along. You can learn the right way to use those ingredients and much more about them with a professional culinary chef diploma course at the new wave training school.

Fennel seeds

In many countries like India it is a trend to chew on fennel seeds after every meal. You will find fennel seeds in many restaurants in such countries. These seeds help in boosting  your metabolism and control your hunger-pangs.

Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are not weight cutters themselves directly but they don’t contain any calories which makes your calories count low, so you don’t gain any more weight. Who doesn’t want to eat something delicious with no calories in it?

Flax seeds

These seeds are a very good source of fiber for your body. They help your immune system and digestive system both very well. A handful amount of flax seeds taken as a snack can go a long way and you feel full for a longer period of time.


Cinnamon is a wonder spice for everyone especially the people who have a large sugar intake. The unwanted fat that sugar accumulates in your body is taken care of by cinnamon. If you mix cinnamon with warm water or any other drink, it can cut fat fast.

Black pepper

Again black pepper is not a direct weight loss agent but has a potential in doing so if combined and used with other ingredients. You can say it works as a catalyst in your weight loss regime.


It is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. Like cinnamon it also speeds up the fat loss process. It resolves other inflammations in your body which helps you concentrate on only on your weight.


It is no wonder that ginger comes in many forms. Powder, tea etc. it has numerous benefits.  It helps in reducing digestive problems and is a good way to subside nausea. Typically ginger is used in many obesity restrain programs.


Rosemary contains an enzyme called lipase that delays the breaking down of the fats in your body which results in your belly being fuller for a longer period of time. It subsides your hunger making you eat less whenever you use it. It is also used for many medical purposes like Asthma .


Along with the delicious flavor it gives your meals, it also helps you control random cravings. It is very effective for people with stubborn weight issues. Oregano helps in dissolving the fat accumulated on your liver and other organs of your body.

Fenugreek seeds

From food supplements to raw seeds in your pantry, fenugreek is used in various recipes making the food smell and taste good. It has a very low carbohydrate level. If you chew soaked fenugreek seeds every morning before starting your day, you will lose weight in days.

With exceptional benefits of various herbs and spices, it would be safe to say that they are our guardian angel indeed. So stock up on different spices and surprise yourself with a better health.


Amanda Methews
Amanda Methews
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